Von Hunden und Tapeten

Of Dogs And Wallpaper

Paul (40 yrs old) visits his elderly parents after a long time away. While father has joined a so called free-church, mother is now in a wheelchair and never leaves the house. Paul has not been aware of any of this. He has only come to visit because he is broke and needs money. Father is about to take a trip with his church and has promised to pay Paul for taking care of his mother while he is away.

Paul finds his parents engaged in a little war that can be ignited at any moment by mundane things such as a roll of toilet paper, to then escalate to violent proportions. Father, always smiling, tries to make the visit of the guest enjoyable. “You should not be misled by the kindness of father, “ warns mother. “This asshole smiles and drives a knife through your heart”. Her meaning becomes apparent after one of her support handles by the toilet has mysteriously come undone. Paul confronts his father, who simply replies: “… weird things happen sometimes my son. We don’t know why they happen, or what the fuck they mean, but they do happen.”

fiction | 30min. | drama | color | cinemascope 2.35:1 | language: german | germany, 2013

German Short Film Award (Nominated)


Mother Susanne Barth
Father Michael Gempart
Son Thomas Loibl
Priest Felix Vörtler
Praying Man Dominik Klingberg


Camera/DOP: Matteo Cocco
Set Designer: Inga Jasper
Costume Designer: Genoveva Kylburg
Hair/ Make Up: Nina Goyert
Editor: Stefan Stabenow
Sound Design: Matz Müller
Commissioning Editor: Catherine Colas (Arte)
Screenwriter/ Director: Visar Morina


augenschein Filmproduktion in Co-Prodoction with ZDF/ARTE sponsored by Film und Medienstiftung NRW